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WISTA International approved the Chapter of WISTA UAE at its Annual General Meeting on 26 October 2022, in Geneva, Switzerland. (Women's International Shipping and Trading Association

WISTA International now consists of 56 National WISTA Associations (NWAs) working collectively for the promotion of diversity within the Maritime and Trade industries. WISTA's vision is to empower women to lead through their unique perspective and competencies with the conviction that gender diversity is key in providing a sustainable future for the shipping industry internationally

Board Members 


Rania Tadtros has been involved in the world of shipping and trade since she started her career at a shipping law firm in London in 1998. She has been based in Dubai since 2013 and is the Managing Partner of Stephenson Harwood law firm's Dubai branch. She is a qualified solicitor whose practice is dominated by maritime matters

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Rania Tadros,


Dr Meena Mathews is General Manager P&I at ES Global and performs a dual role as Director at AOS, looking after the legal, compliance, insurance and finance for the group. She is spearheading ES Global’ s drive to improve services to the P&I Clubs and Ship Owners throughout the Middle East Region. She was previously with the GAC Group for 20 years, as their Regional P&I Manager Middle East. And the General Manager/Director of TTMS (Gulf).

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Dr Meena Mathews, Treasurer


Evangelia Anna (Liana) Kouimtzi, Marketing and Event Manager

Liana Kouimtzi has 28 years of experience in the maritime industry, with 25 years as an operations executive/specialist with the GAC Group and two years in commercial management (Greece and UAE) and is working as Assistant Commercial Manager at GAC Hub Services DWC - LLC (GHS), the dedicated business unit of GAC Group coordinating agency services and port call management on a global scale, with their management team centrally located in Dubai.  Liana is also the head of the “Agency on Demand '' department of GAC Hub Services (AOD); a service primarily for requests in non-GAC locations, utilising the GHS global network of agents.

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Christine Mavromichalis is an accomplished professional within the Energy & Commodities sector currently completing the CIPD in strategy people management following an LL.M. in Maritime Law, a Graduate Diploma in law and a BSC. in Business Administration. She started her career 17 years ago at Ogilvy & Mothers in Athens then, she continued her career in the shipping & trading industry by joining several conglomerates in shipping and commodity trading in London and Dubai, where she currently works in Human Resources, handling talent acquisition, labour relations and HR governance. She has been a member of WISTA UK since 2018 and she is a founding member of the Women Business Initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Mavromichalis, Secretary General & New Memberships Manager

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